The New Year

Without going into too much of a rant about off grid living, consumption reduction or any other possible changes that might alleviate some stress on the planet, I’ll just mention that the batch burner is doing very well. I am installing a refractory cement cast front to hold the pyroceram¬† “door”. The clay /fiberglass reinforced frame was wearing out, with large chunks falling away, holes opening up around the edges of the door, and just generally making everything less reliable.

I don’t have much experience working with refractory cement, and likely I will be spending some time working with the casting process, for a major rebuild next year.¬† The rough cast is almost installed for the time being, and I can hardly wait to run a few fires through it.

I suppose that change is a fitting one to start off the new year with, but I really don’t do much with resolutions. Every thought about change is a good first step, whether it immediately manifests in action or not. Every day is a good one to develop those thoughts that take us to a harmonious existence with this beautiful blue ball we call Earth.

So I guess I’ll wish everybody greater awareness, deeper thoughts, and long term peace and happiness.

Today, even though it is officially New Year’s Day, is still just another day in paradise!

Remember, If you’re not having fun, you’ve got the design wrong.


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