Rain or the lack thereof

It’s getting close to Christmas, by this time last year, riding the backhoe, there were as many wet days as dry ones. If I started building a dam for three days, there was water mucking things up by day four. Then two or three days of sticky mud, and maybe with a little luck a dry day or two undoing the damage of the rain and thenĀ  watching the next rain fall.

This year with earthworks on hold we are having almost nothing but dry days, I think the universe needs to see me renting a backhoe before it will allow the rain to fall.

The gold fish pond is so low the poor fish are having trouble breathing, I see them up near the surface of the water, at holes in the ice , and even in the lotus pond, goldfish there are dying. Between the warmer than usual weather, and lack of rain, the fish are not happy campers.

I have started to break the ice when it forms in the lotus and gold fish ponds, and the deaths in the lotus pond are not continuing, I think failure of theĀ  weather to force the fish to hibernate keeps their oxygen demands high, then the ice blocks the oxygen exchange. But that is just a theory.

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