The Tao that is spoken

Is not the true Tao

When I first started to investigate spirit energy, internal processes that cannot be described, it was with listening to “masters” gurus, experts, or reading texts , the Bible, Tao, lots of time with the I Ching, and after many years trying to “become a “realized” being, finally heard something that would change my whole approach.

“Becoming” is the antithesis of “being.

As long as I was becoming, I was not Being, and vice versa, Being is not becoming.

Many people get caught in the idea – often subtle and unthought or unspoken, that they have a distance of learning to achieve some understanding in order to be. In other words they are dedicated to Becoming more spiritual, more enlightened, and yet that very drive to become at some point in the future is the primary obstacle to being in the present.

It is one thing to be pointed in the direction of realization, or being given words that may trigger the process, but once that seed is planted it grows unencumbered by rational thought. Rational thought can be a process to look for that spirit or energy, but it cannot bestow or explain the energy.

There is a road, no single highway

between the dawn and the dark of night

and if you go, then none may follow

that path is for your steps alone

Some texts or speakers come closer that others to describing the process, but ultimately attachment to any one “teacher” will only lead to attachment to an imperfect word/description. Remember

If you’re not having fun, you’ve got the design wrong:-)

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