It is a Wardrobe!

Bill Mollison described a class he was teaching and a stranger who lingered on after the meeting, who looked very much like Karl Marx. The stranger said you know what you’ve done, you’ve arranged all the elements of life in good order in a wardrobe or closet.

Bill seemed to like that description about how Permaculture made good order out of all the different elements of life on earth. Others might say it is a toolbox . One may use hundreds of different tools and tricks along the way, and in the end the result hoped for is improvement of our lives and the health of the earth as a whole.

I have heard people criticize the idea of saving the planet, the earth has been here for millions / billions of years, and short of a black hole it will continue on in the blackness of space, with or without us. We are simply fleas riding on its back. The issue here is not saving the rock that is the earth, it is saving the earth’s systems for the people.

To that end, Permaculture continues to collect those methods and tools that will help the earth continue to sustain us as a species.

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