I was battening down for a big storm as Hurricane Irma approached and finally demolished the Keys and Florida in general. Today however,  when the storm should be giving us a tropical deluge, I’m finding that there is even very little rain forecast for our area. I’m not concerned about water situation though, a quick check on the cistern last night, and it is filled, a tribute to the new gutter system. Also we will likely get more rain sooner or later, so that thousand gallons should easily carry me through to the next storm.

It’s somewhat interesting how all this recent work on the roof has triggered a new interest in getting the house to a place where it doesn’t need constant attention. Irma promised more water than she finally delivered, but it was enough to have me back on the roof for the last several days, while ignoring all the backhoe preparation I have to do.

Yesterday I finally started to set up the covering over the Yoke so the hatch would be more easily accessible, although the real test waits for the rain, and of course the final framing will get put off until the rest of the structure is substantial enough to really handle the extra weight.

At least now, my attention is moving down to the walls and inside the house in general. Organizing tools and materials, clearing a large section on the south side for actual living activities is the next big push. The rain gutters and fascia boards are almost finished, so now I can start looking at windows and framing and closing all the smaller gaps.

There is something about having a secure structure to live in that is basic to growth and development. I’m finding as I take care of things on a more permanent basis I’m more able to move forward with other parts of the process.

Simple details like secure bolts holding the headers together to stabilize the outer walls. Then that allowed me to lower the yoke and even out the roof structure which further stabilizes everything.  And as each step progresses I feel better able to focus on and complete other details. The completion of the shelter may never be totally done, but longer intervals between working on it, and fewer nights waking up early to check for leaks or wind damage means more attention to other things, or at least more time to relax and be lazy.

Things like housing and other basic structures of our culture here in this place and time all seem to be up for grabs in deciding how much structure is necessary and how that structure will be implemented. Structure of course meaning everything we surround ourselves with.

Plumbing,  transportation, food supply, etc have all taken on new qualities as we move forward with technology, and yet the newest technologies are still serving some of the simplest functions.

From tents to high rise luxury apartments, the goal is still the same, to protect us from the wind and rain. The real questions are, how much protection do we need and what is the cost?


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